The last conversation between the lover and the beloved — Part 5

L: Hi, dearest, I’m missing you.
B: I, too, am missing you, nevertheless, we are helpless and can’t do anything, unfortunately. Be a brave man. You’ll get a more beautiful girl than me one day. I just pray for you. Please, ask your parents to search for a girl for you. I want to leave you while seeing you happy with your future wife.

L: Ah, cutest, you know I can’t do that. Please never ask me to marry.
B: But, dearest, you’ll have to one day.

L: Yes, cutest, but until you don’t get married and vanished. I’d not be able to do it.
B: But, I want to see you happy before disappearing.

L: Ah, you know I can’t be happy in my entire life since I’ll lose my smile when you leave me.
B: Dearest, you’re a gem. You’ll rise again. Do you still remember how you consoled me while I was sad? Your words have always been soothing for me.

L: Ah, cutest, I can never forget those moments I had spent with you.
B: Now, I want to help you heal.

L: Ah, cutest, your “orders” are and have been lined on the stone. I never discarded, never do I now, and never will I.
B: Thanks a million for your utmost love and care. It’s truly amazing to be yours. The girl who succeeds to get you will be very lucky. I, unfortunately, am unable to make you mine willy-nilly.

The Conversation is continuous.

The last conversation between the lover and the beloved — Part 4

L: Listen, those bygone moments we spent together, will be a living memory in my heart.
B: Undoubtedly, those memories will never fade away.

L: Listen.
B: Yes.

L: I hurt you a lot, didn’t I?
B: Ah, no dearest, you tried your best but I failed to convince my parents. So, I’m guilty.

L: Oh, no cutest, you also tried your best. So, the blame is not on you too.
B: Well, I think, this is the game of “Predestination”. He whom it favors gets everything thing on earth and he whom it intends to hurt tears him apart.

L: Cutest, you are quite right.
B: Hmm.

L: Take care of yourself a lot.
B: You too take care, pagal (stupid). 👻

The conversation is continuous.

The last conversation between the lover and the beloved —Part 3

L: Dearest, would you be missing me after getting married to that very boy with whom you’re engaged?
B: My life, of course, I’d be doing do severely.

L: Dearest, I’d much be distracted and depressed after your disappearance.
B: My life, my heart has truly torn apart, I feel so much guilt for I’m unable to do anything.

L: Cutest, please don’t be sorry. I understand.
B: My life, forgive me for everything.

L: Ah, the queen, you’ve not done anything wrong.
B: Oh, my dream king, just forgive me if I’ve ever hurt you a little.

L: You have done nothing wrong, I believe, so you’re innocent in my eyes.
B: Ah, thank you, the best person on earth.

L: You too forgive me for everything I’ve done so far.
B: Ah, dearest, You’re as pure as the milk. A person, like you, is truly hard to find in this self-centered world.

The conversation is still continuous.

The last conversation between the lover and the beloved — Part 2

L: Dearest, life is so difficult without the beloved.
B: My world, yeah that is it.

L: Dearest, I’m very disappointed. I can’t do anything to make you mine.
B: My world, don’t say this. You did everything, even you talked with my parents, but they unwillingly had to reject you.

L: Dearest, I love you so much. I’ll miss you a lot.
B: My smile, I love you too, I’ll also be missing. I’ll lose my smile.

L: Dearest, I, am unable to imagine a life without you. My heart is burning like wood.
B: My prince, you know, you have been an apple of my eyes. My condition is worst now.

L: Dearest, will you read our conversation.
B: My world, whensoever I miss you, I will read that of course. I won’t be able to forget you throughout my life.

L: Dearest, I’ll be reading that day in and day out until death overcomes me.
B: My world, please don’t use the word “death”. You know I don’t like this.

L: Dearest, I am very sorry I could not make you mine. I, just, am ashamed.
B: My world, I know you have been loyal enough and tried your best. But our fortune didn’t smile on us.

        The conversation is continued, see you in the next part.

The Last Conversation Between the lover and the beloved

Part 1:

This conversation is when the two the lover and the beloved have to be separated unwillingly. They don’t want to be alienated actually. This conversation involves only the last feelings of both the lover and the beloved. This will especially be traumatic and soothing at the same time for the recently broken people.

On a lighter note:Lover(boy)= L and Beloved(girl)= B.

L:Hi, my dearest.
B: Hi, my world.

L: How are you?
B: How can I be?

L: I’m so sorry, dearest. I really don’t want to hurt at all.
B: No, my world. You haven’t done anything wrong.

L: I just cry all day long when I think of life without you.
B: So do I think all day and night long.

L: Dearest, I can’t believe how your parents could think of your engagement with the other boy despite knowing that I loved you the most.
B: My world, I tried to convince my parents all the time. I even cried in front of them and begged them, but they said that they could not do anything since they already accepted her to be (parents-in-law)’s proposal.

L: Dearest, is there any chance left to save our relationship? Can you do something to convince your parents? I honestly don’t want to lose you.
B: My world, I know your love for me is matchless. Believe me, I have done everything I could. There is no way to save our relationship.

L: Dearest, cutest, prettiest, I am crying and I’m going through unbearable pain. It seems I might die after this conversation.
B: Shut up. Have you gone mad? Don’t ever say this to me. Promise me you are not going to harm you otherwise I would just end my life now.

L: Dearest, please don’t think of this. I just want to see you smiling. I promise you I’ll not harm me. You, too, promise me you won’t do anything wrong.
B: My world, I won’t do anything that may hurt you the least.

  Ps: To be continued, see you in the next part.

Failure vs Success

“Failure is a journey; success is a trip. More often than not, you go on a journey while you leave for a trip once in a blue moon.” —Riaz Latif.

      While looking at the aforementioned statement the two questions abruptly enough appear in our subconscious mind: How is failure a journey? And, how is success a trip? In the subsequent paragraphs, the posed questions will be answered the best way possible.

            Before contemplating the very first question it is necessary to understand that. The word “journey” means “travel from one place to another and this is usually short and does not need much effort to go on a journey”. Additionally, people mostly go on a journey since it’s easy and doesn’t require much time and money. “Going on a journey again and again” is metaphorically synonymous with “facing failures time and again”. Thus, the former statement connotes that the way a man goes on a journey similarly a man has to be a victim of failure many a time.

            On the other hand, the second question also needs to be well understood first before answering it. “Trip” is usually a “travel for selected days”. It’s not usually short. It’s a long journey. This needs a lot of effort, time, and energy. This proves to be a very tiring journey. Considering this, a few people leave for trips. This is rare, not everyone can go on trips. “The rarity of going on trips,”  “the tiring efforts which are required in doing so” and “the rarity of going on trips” are metaphorically synonymous with “the rarity of success” and “the hard-earned success”. Thus, it implies that success never comes easy. It comes only to those who are patient enough to walk on the thorny and bumpy roads.

Keep reading, the beautiful readers.

Shall I compare thee to the moon?

“Shall I compare thee to the moon?
Thou art beautiful like her,
Thou giveth a soothing feeling;
Like that of the moon passing cold rays of November,

Though thou art a naive;
Nevertheless, in thy lap, I feel like on cloud nine,
Thy eternal simplicity ‘ll always be remember’d,
Since thou art more affectionate with a tender heart and smile,

The memories—spent with thou shalt not fade,
They are destined to have an eternal place in my heart,
All that shineth ‘ll be dim-sight’d here;
Nevertheless, thou love ‘ll never be decreas’d,”

Inspired by William Shakespeare’s sonnet 18. After reading him, I’ve given it a shot.

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